Our Background

F&A Jewel.com  is F&A Jewellery (HK) Limited  direct sale dedicate and specially selection of jewellery website direct sale to the end users.

F&A was founded in 2002 from the UK. Since the establishment of F&A, the aim and ambition was to create and develop as a manufacturer and wholesaler for fashionable and desirable jewellery that was also affordable in particular for prom and wedding party products. We are currently supplied to UK and USA departmental stores and retailers.

Recently, we realised that there was a need for the on-trend website demand and necessitate, therefore we have to keep up to launch a stylish  brand new website to deal with the end users in the market worldwide. With our experience and experience, we can ensure we will be able to cope with this ever changing demand for better quality and prestige jewellery in particular from the high quality of South East Asia pearls. We can ensure the best quality of our products as all our materials are sourced from Japan, Italy and Korea. We trust that our valued customers will enjoy and appreciate the best value being offer and most importantly value for money for our products. We wish you all to enjoy our newly launched feminine styling and reflects the latest key trends products with pride!

Our Mission

For us, everything starts and ends with the consumer. Therefore, we desire to bring our customer high-end creations, good quality and meticulous service at an affordable price. These are the foundations of F&A and led us to provide a one of a kind shopping experience.


FNA Jewel .com

FNA Jewel.com 是 F &A Jewellery (H.K.)Limited直属的珠宝首饰零售网.


随着网络时代的迅速发展,公司也深深感到零售网站是必要的发展方向,公司将着紧投资这块业务的发展,凭着我们在首饰界多年的经验,希望再给我们的顾客提供一个更多选择更好质量更好价钱的首饰零售网站, 我们将以珍珠和真珠宝首饰为主, 结合我们多年的时尚首饰的敏锐触感, 继续为我们的客户提供服务,我们的产品绝大多数来自日本,意大利和韩国, 质量保证, 务求令我们的顾客买的开心,用的安心!